Embrace Signature Events’ Exciting Career Opportunities

Signature Events marketing specialists share a common attitude. They are positive, tenacious, and ambitious. In our workplace, everyone has the freedom to exercise these values. We’re happy to support them as they pursue big goals and exceed our company objectives. Ours is a team worth joining.

It’s not surprising that so many people build satisfying careers with us.

Discover the perks we all enjoy:

Here’s a small taste of what Signature Events has to offer.


Success From Day One at Signature Events

Our commitment to learning is a fundamental component of the Signature Events culture. As soon as our executives are hired, they are introduced into a comprehensive training program. Each person’s journey through this system is unique, because we adjust to meet his or her unique goals. Our people receive individualized support and all the tools they need to excel with us. From presentation skills to leadership training, they learn it all.

In addition to developing on a continuous basis, our team members enjoy regular networking opportunities. Whether they attend community events or industry conferences, there’s always a chance to meet and learn from influential people. Networking is a crucial aspect of a successful career, so we make sure no one misses out on it.


A Dynamic Team

At Signature Events, our team is our strongest asset. These are some of the beliefs we embrace as a group:

• Collaboration is more productive than competition
• When one of us advances, the rest of us do as well
• Teamwork elicits results that no individual can achieve

Not only do our people get the chance to work with sales and marketing frontrunners, our freshest team members learn from experienced leaders, who understand what it’s like to rise to the top. These leaders pay forward the guidance and support they once received from their own coaches. By challenging each other and nurturing a hunger for advancement, we help one another build fruitful careers.


World Travel

Just about every energetic professional likes to get out of the office from time to time. At Signature Events, we’re no different. We enjoy traveling together, attending conferences and retreats all over the nation and beyond. Every trip is an exciting reward for hard work and an opportunity to achieve further success.


Career Possibilities at Signature Events

Apply online to get more information about career openings at Signature Events by sending cover letter and resume to careers@wecreateevents.co. It’ll be clear how we’ve become the region’s leader in on-site promotion.

We’re Expanding


Current Markets

– Indianapolis, IN
– Raleigh, NC
– Jacksonville, FL
– Orlando, FL
– Dallas, TX
– San Antonio, TX
– Houston, TX
– Kansas City, MO
– Denver, CO
– Phoenix, AZ
– Fullerton, CA
– Portland, OR

Expansion Markets

– Alburquerque, NM
– Chicago, IL
– Colorado Springs, CO
– Lexington, NY
– Salt Lake City, UT
– San Diego, CA
– Seattle, WA