Competition Inspires Great Achievements

Competition Inspires Great Achievements

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We use a variety of friendly contests as prime Signature Events team-building events. The March Madness competition is one of the most anticipated happenings of the year for our team members. We recently saw the fruition of this event, and it involved one of our people making the final four!

The March Madness competition is a championship for all the telecom industry representatives across the nation. Bryant went to Houston on behalf of Signature Events as one of the final four contestants. While there, he and the other finalists could help open the rapidly growing Houston market for a variety of exciting brands.

When we unite around a common goal, as the March Madness competition inspires us to do, there are many positive outcomes. For one thing, we challenge each other to do our best work and learn about our unique talents in the process. We’re also more motivated to achieve winning results for the brands we promote after the event is over.

Further, we become more accountable through office contests and related functions. This is because we closely track the results we achieve to see how we measure up with other competitors. We have seen this tendency carry over into our everyday work, and it helps us make improvements and enhance our progress.

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