Simple Ways to Improve as a Speaker

Simple Ways to Improve as a Speaker

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Public speaking acumen is a focal point of the Signature Events training approach. We know our people boost their chances of long-term success by becoming stronger speakers. This is because they learn to be more persuasive and become more effective communicators in general. Here are a few simple strategies we have learned for improving our public speaking skills.

We find the right preparation approach. When we have big speeches to deliver on behalf of Signature Events, we do our best to find a compelling narrative around which to build. Once we have this in place, we come up with anecdotes to support the narrative and quickly home in on the right overall style.

We also make practice a priority any time we have speaking engagements. Rehearsing with a partner is an especially helpful strategy, and we enlist trusted colleagues and friends to help with our preparations. During our practice speeches, we have our partners provide feedback on our vocal delivery, body language, and overall appeal.

On the day of a presentation, we are sure to arrive early and get a feel for the environment. We also interact with audience members as much as possible before the speech. Using this approach helps us feel more comfortable from the moment we step up to the podium, because we already feel surrounded by familiar faces.

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